Individual Counseling

Individual counseling can be very helpful. Sometimes, many well meaning friends and family members try to help, but because they have their own sets of morals, values and beliefs, they can impose their own values, rather than honoring your own unique personality.

My services are confidential, objective and I can provide the specific feedback you need in order to achieve your highest potential. Short Term and Long Term therapy are available. Modalities include Cognitive Behavioral, Supportive Counseling, Psychodynamic Theory and EMDR for survivors of Trauma/Phobias.

Group Therapy

Group Therapy is an affordable and effective treatment to help you cop with specific issues. In group therapy you can learn to be more expressive, assertive and confident

It is often a relief to know that you are not alone, and that others have experienced similar feelings and situations. The process of learning about yourself and other group members is what challenges you t grow beyond your comfort zone.

As a facilitator I create a warm and supportive environment where all members can relax and share freely.

Group therapy is a wonderful way to explore new methods of communication and practice new behaviors in asupportive setting.

Couples Counseling

Even the most commited couples can benefit from counseling. Relationships require maintenance, similiarly as we maintain our cars and homes we need to keep up the effort of nurturing our relationships.

Sometimes issues at work, financial problems and differences of opinions cand sometimes get in the way. This can lead to hurt, confusion and anger.

Couples counseling can help by encouraging you to express emotions appropriately, increase communication skills and build intimacy. The therapist is trained not to take sides so you can be assured you have equal time and support to express your concerns.

Family Counseling

In today's socieity, no family can escape the ever changing demands of time and stress management.

While raising a family can be the most joyful experience, the stress of raising a family can take its toll on everyone. These stresses of daily life may weaken those bonds.

Sometimes it is tempting to point to one family member as having the "problem" (alcoholism, mental health issues, compulsive disorders, defiance, acting out) however ALL family members are indeed affected. In family therapy it is important to look at family issues as you would any other "group." Everyone in the family has different ideas, opinions, values and feelings, therefore, it makes sense to try to address these issues as one family unit.

Many people have flet that finally having the whole family talk, with the safelty and objectivity of a trained counselor, has brought much needed relief and helped to open up channels of communication, making the fmaily feel closer that they had ever felt before.


I am available to present workshops, be a guest lecturer/presenter for your organization or community.

I offer a wide variety of topis and am able to craft your needs into an engaging presentation. During the training, participants will be asked to engage in dialogue, role plays, experiential exercises or activities that will increase their knowledge of subject matter.

Attending workshops is one way to increase motivation to employees and students, encouraging them to integrate the experience, leading to better performances on the job or in their capacity to serve clients.

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